Saga Press | All the Starfleet Ladies - Then & Now

From Uhura to Janeway to Burnham, Star Trek has a rich history of portraying complex, powerful female-identifying characters. How do Star Trek authors perceive their role in continuing this legacy in their Star Trek novels? Join Una McCormack (author of Picard: The Last Best Hope), Swapna Krishna (space, tech, and pop culture journalist), author Cassandra Rose Clarke, Lauren Jackson (publicity manager at Saga Press), and moderator Kendra James (editor at, as they examine the ladies of Star Trek from its inception to the present. PANELISTS: Una McCormack (Picard: The Last Best Hope), Swapna Krishna (science journalist), Cassandra Rose Clarke (Star Trek: Shadows Have Offended), Lauren Jackson (marketing/publicity, Saga Press), Kendra James (editor,

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