Saga Press | Can Mermaids Get Drunk? (And Other Important Questions About SFF IRL)

Our panel of sci-fi and fantasy writers delve into the possibilities and impossibilities of how their worldbuilding works. What elements of “real life” inspired the fantastical elements of their worlds? What research did they do to invent them and what sort of “in-world” research did they create? Did they write legal contracts, research papers, or even recipes? Find out here. PANELISTS: Amal El-Mohtar, Max Gladstone (This Is How You Lose the Time War), Kat Leyh (Lumberjanes), Ken Liu (The Grace of Kings, Wall of Storms, Hidden Girl and Other Stories), Rebecca Roanhorse (Black Sun, Trail of Lightning, Star Wars: Resistance Reborn), with moderator SB Divya (Machinehood)

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