Rob DenBleyker

Rob DenBleyker
  • Skybound Presents - Trial by Trolley AFTER DARK

    A live play of Skybound's Kickstarter smash hit, Trial by Trolley -- A party game of moral dilemmas and trolley murder!

    In Trial by Trolley, one player is on an out-of-control trolley speeding toward a fork in the tracks. Everyone else splits into two teams and must use their wits and their cards to convince the Trolley Conductor to spare their lives! Join Skybound, Cyanide + Happiness, and various influencers in the geek and tabletop space as they play the core deck which you can pick up here! And stay tuned for a sneak peak at the upcoming R-Rated expansions, available for pre-order here and here. Don't watch this one with your parents!