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15 Geekiest Advent Calendars to Help You Countdown to the Holidays

Because sometimes we want more than chocolate.
geeky advent calendars
New York Comic Con 2019

As the festive season fast approaches and we begin to test our vocal range and shoulder shimmy to All I Want For Christmas, the race is now on to get the best advent calendars for you and the whole family. 

From Star Wars’s mini builds set with iconic starships and characters to surprise Elf figurines and Dragonball Z Pocket Pops - advent calendars have come a long way since I was a wee pup, and thanks to the wonderfully geeky ones available, every day in December can feel like Christmas morning! 

Here are our favorite 15 advent calendars out there for you to enjoy an awesome geekily countdown to Christmas! 

1. Funko: The Nightmare Before Christmas 


US - $39.99

UK - £51.95 

2. Elf Advent Calendar, Enjoy 24 Days Of Fun Collectible Surprise Figures


US - $39.99 

UK - £39.99 

3. LEGO: Star Wars: Christmas Mini Builds Sets


US - $27.97

UK - £35.62 

4. Playmobil: Back To The Future 


US - $34.99 

UK - £31.82

5. Funko: Dragon Ball Z Pocket Pop! 


US - $38.99

UK - £47.95

6. Marvel Storybook Collection Advent Calendar 


US - $26.99

UK - £17.10

7. Kid’s Justice League 12 Days of Socks


US - $19.99

UK - £20.35

8. Friends: The One With The Surprises Advent Calendar


US - $23.54

UK - £19.69 

9. The Office 12 Days Of Socks Advent Calendar Set


US - $59.99 

UK - £61.55

10. Super Mario Nintendo Advent Calendar 


US - $49.99

UK - £46.92

11. Funko: Fortnite 


US - $48.37 

UK - £56.99

12. Hot Wheels Advent Calendar 


US - $19.95

UK - £24.99

13. Pokemon 2020 Holiday Advent Calendar


US - $42.99

UK - £35.00

14. Minecraft Advent Calendar 


US - $29.99

(Available only in the US)

15. Disney Holiday Sock Advent Calendar 


US - $29.99 

(Available only in the US) 

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